Another Medicaid Miracle

Hi Mr. Zaltz,
Just want to keep you informed since you’d offered me some helpful bits of information when you met with us in our home a few weeks back.
Thanks to you, I managed to have a Medicaid application submitted for my husband in the nick of time. As for both of us applying, Medicaid rules are such that they deem us as husband and wife having income way above their limitation 


 (our SSA benefits combined). Even my husband’s alone is a bit high but there are ways around it, to be worked out (thru Medicaid).
Just when I scraped up and sent off a payment to cover a school tax county bill, I was quite taken aback to discover by chance that in our age bracket we could have paid way less taxes in the last few years – by applying for a STAR exemption. (Never heard of this program before my conversation with you.) Shockingly, my husband has basically depleted the bit of savings he’d accrued over these years by cashing out most of our IRAs and CDs (paying penalties to boot) to meet these exorbitant bills. Need to take care of this right away.
Thanks again for your helpful advice.
Sarah T