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Client Testimonials

"Good News: My parents were approved for Medicaid! It looked impossible but you made it happen. Great job!"


Thank you again for your support and advisement with my legal matters. My daughter was very impressed with Mr. Zaltz's knowledge - and kindness, too. When I saw your newsletter, I realized Mr Zaltz had been correct -- that there was third source of income I had asked his input about starting -- Social Security retirement benefits. With his advice and providing contact information, someone submitted my Social Security application for me online. Then shortly after I'd postponed our big meeting due the impending Tropical Storm, I got a call from Social Security Admin on my home phone! I was home to verify and confirm application -- and should start getting those benefits in the near future! So yes, Mr Zaltz, you remembered well! A clear indication among many of how committed you are to your clients' best interests.

Renee P.

"Thanks to the Team @ Haas & Zaltz for a great experience and a job well-done!"  

Yehuda W

Hi Mr. Zaltz,
Just want to keep you informed since you’d offered me some helpful bits of information when you met with us in our home a few weeks back.
Thanks to you, I managed to have a Medicaid application submitted for my husband in the nick of time. As for both of us applying, Medicaid rules are such that they deem us as husband and wife having income way above their limitation 


 (our SSA benefits combined). Even my husband’s alone is a bit high but there are ways around it, to be worked out (thru Medicaid).
Just when I scraped up and sent off a payment to cover a school tax county bill, I was quite taken aback to discover by chance that in our age bracket we could have paid way less taxes in the last few years - by applying for a STAR exemption. (Never heard of this program before my conversation with you.) Shockingly, my husband has basically depleted the bit of savings he’d accrued over these years by cashing out most of our IRAs and CDs (paying penalties to boot) to meet these exorbitant bills. Need to take care of this right away.
Thanks again for your helpful advice.
Sarah T

Sarah T

"Thank you for guiding us through the process. You instill confidence."


In all my years of dealing with professionals, Mr. Zaltz stands out among them all. From the start, I felt that he was totally protecting me in all ways, from legal and halachic standpoints. He was careful to give me his time and appropriate advice. I came to Haas & Zaltz regarding my father's affairs and I felt secure when Mr. Zaltz told me that nothing was more important than my father's wishes. I strongly recommend Haas & Zaltz, LLP and will recommend them and definitely return for my own estate planning when the time comes.

~ H. Maimon

A note of special thanks.
NYC FINANCE approved the appeal you helped us with!!
All the best.